Perrysburg Classroom Grants Program

The Classroom Grants program was the first project institute by the Foundation Board. These grants were designed to enable teachers at all grade levels to bring innovative educational ideas, techniques and resources to the classroom that were not funded by tax dollars.

Since 1985, the Foundation has awarded over $100,000 in grant funding for educational programs in the district, impacting every student in the system and providing opportunities for educational enrichment both inside and out of the classroom.

The most recent grants were awarded to the following educators:

Maura Amato

School: Perrysburg Junior High, Grades 6-8 – 150+ students

Project Title: Student Art in Public Places - $127.90

Goal of Project: To expose students to real world gallery experiences, including planning a space, framing, hanging and publicity. To provide art related resume experience for students involved in showing and installing their art. To highlight local artistic talent and the sophistication of the arts curriculum in Perrysburg Schools.

Jennifer Stoffel

School: Frank School, Grade 3- 30 students

Project Title: Story Works - $209.70

Goal of Project: To provide students with a variety of genres in order to become more successful readers.

Brook Price

School: Woodland School, Grades 6-8 – 1,150 students

Project Title: iPads for ESL/Alternately Assessed - $777

Goal of Project: To use technology to provide better access to the curriculum for Limited English Proficient and Alternate Assessment candidates.

Jason Hubbard

School: Frank and Woodland Schools, Grades K-5 – 800 students

Project Title: Ozobots - $1,200

Goal of Project: To create innovative ways to learn through play in an expanding digital world by providing a rigorous, explorative robotics and coding program for the upper grades (2-5) in STEM class at both Frank and Woodland Elementary Schools.

Amanda Calvin

School: Frank School, Grades 1, 4 & 5

Project Title: Supporting Effective Collaboration in the Inclusive Classroom - $395

Goal of Project: Increase on task time for students with cognitive delays in the regular classroom as well as increase peer interaction.

Thomas Ziems

School: Perrysburg High School, Grades 9-12 – 67+ students

Project Title: STEM Club Spirit Robot - $500

Goal of Project: To build a robot that can launch t-shirts into a crowd.

Other 2016 Classroom Grants Include:

January 2016 Grants

Jennifer Marlowe, Woodland School:

$607 Woodland Outdoor Learning Lab

Emily Alcroft, Frank School:

$255.20 Hands-on Math Tools

Shelly Predmore, Toth/Ft. Meigs Schools:

$1,200 Early Robotics with Sphero (STEM)

Maura Amato, Perrysburg Junior High School:

$156.24 Figure Drawing and Sculpting

Neil Nutter, Perrysburg Junior High School:

$394.90 Lifetime Fitness- Exercise Bikes

September 2016 Grants

Sara Jones, Frank School:

$300.00 Buddy Bees- After School socialization group

1st grade Classes, Frank School:

$1,185.00 STEM Grant- implementing STEM activities in the 1st grade classrooms

Maureen Gerber, Perrysburg High School:

$554.00 Reading A La Carte

Karen Wells, Toth School:

$322.80 Math Learning Wraps