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The Perrysburg Schools Foundation (PSF) was established in 1983 by Judge Wayne Leatherman as a non-profit organization to solicit contributions that would supplement and enhance existing educational programs in the Perrysburg School District. PSF was built on the belief that the entire community benefits from excellent schools, and that providing resources and support for teachers and administrators can help bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to go as a school district.

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Outstanding Educator & Support Staff Award Recipients 2015 - (L-R) Dave Duhamel, Christina Temple, Nicolas Tonegato, Linda Printy, Tara Zechman, Amy Whitacre, Adrienne Vaughan and Annette Sipp.
Scholarship Recipients 2015 - Front Row (L-R) Kayla Piezer, Sara Miller, Mackenzie Downs, Paige Baumgartner, Patrick Wang and Eunice Park. Back Row (L-R) - Abby Newman, Connor Treece, Samantha Giglio, Sam Romain, Clayton Shook, Katherine Pach and Megan Galle. Not Pictured: Emily Cottle and Zachary Meredith.