Perrysburg Schools Foundation
Enrichment Campaigns

Perrysburg Schools Foundation also supports district wide programs and initiatives in an attempt to create a more positive educations environment for our students. Our goal is to help support campaigns and programs that can benefit every student who attends school in the district, and we are always on the look-out for new opportunities to give back to the students, teachers, parents and administrators of Perrysburg Schools.

PHS HIPP Campaign

The H.I.P.P. is a proven program that has been in place for decades in the Jr. High that focuses on anti-bullying and developing leadership, self-confidence, within the school.

The initial funding for this program, established decades ago, has been depleted and the Perrysburg Schools Foundation is committed to supporting the continuation of this important, homegrown initiative that invests in the short-term and long-term well-being of these young adults.

Perrysburg Junior High School’s H.I.P.P. (High Impact Peer Program) students recently had a guest artist, Kerry Wellstein, from CREATE: Art Studio and Workshop and the Perrysburg Schools Foundation join them for their January meeting. One of the goals of H.I.P.P. is to promote Perrysburg’s Jacket Way program, which includes being respectful, helping others and being a good leader. Their meeting focused on encouraging and inspiring words to help themselves and others have a great day. The students chose a word or phrase, and with Kerry’s instruction learned how to use acrylic paints to create their canvases that are currently displayed throughout the Junior High School to provide encouragement to all.

Through donations from others, the Perrysburg Schools Foundation is able to help fund the H.I.P.P. program at the Junior High School.

“As a Perrysburg Schools Foundation board member, it was a great experience to see the H.I.P.P students in action. I truly enjoyed working with such a well behaved and inspiring group of kids. It was obvious that this program is making a huge difference in the lives of these junior high school students and that the work we do through the Perrysburg Schools Foundation to help keep this program running is worth every penny,”
said Kerry Wellstein PSF board member and co-owner of CREATE: Art Studio + Workshop.

In addition to funding the H.I.P.P program, The Perrysburg Schools Foundation awards thousands of dollars in classroom grants and scholarships to schools and students within our community.

Jackie Derr, the PJHS H.I.P.P. Advisor, stated,

“It was so neat to see the words the kids chose and then watch them create their canvases. Listening to them encourage each other while painting was amazing – that’s what great leaders do! I really appreciate CREATE: Art Studio and Workshop and the Perrysburg Schools Foundation for working with us to help promote a positive environment for our students.”

For information on how you can make a donation to H.I.P.P and the Perrysburg Schools Foundation please contact Jeff Abke at 419-874-9193 Ext. 2274 or visit