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Who We Are

The Perrysburg Schools Foundation (PSF) was established in 1983 by Judge Wayne Leatherman as a non-profit organization to solicit contributions that would supplement and enhance existing educational programs in the Perrysburg School District. PSF was built on the belief that the entire community benefits from excellent schools, and that providing resources and support for teachers and administrators can help bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to go as a school district.

The Foundation continues to expand its scope by setting new goals and devising new strategies to attain these goals. In August 2013, the Perrysburg Schools, in partnership with PSF, established a development program designed to continue the district’s tradition of excellence. As part of this plan, Jeff Abke was hired as a full-time development director to lead the effort of seeking financial gifts from alumni, supporters and those with an affinity for Perrysburg Schools.

Through this program, the district will accept manage and distribute gifts according to donor wishes and established district goal and priorities that include academics, athletics, facilities, fine and performing arts, programs, materials and technology. The development program is designed to keep the district competitive with private and charter schools who have cultivated donors, many with strong Perrysburg ties. The program will also help the district by offering students more educational opportunities and enrichment activities.

Our Mission

Perrysburg Schools Foundation – in cooperation with the school administrators, faculty, students and community – will be leaders in the promotion, support and recognition of academic achievement and innovative programs.

2022-2023 Board


  • Kelly Rose Hirsh ’98 – President
  • Stacy Archambeau Geissler ’95 – Vice President
  • Mindy McCarthy – Treasurer
  • Lisa Robinson Nunn ’76 – Secretary
  • Jeff Abke ’96 – Director of Development
  • Rich Jambor ’98 – Immediate Past President
  • Thomas L. Hosler – Superintendent of Schools


  • Nate Ash
  • Chris Bacon
  • Krista Balwinski
  • Allex Brown ’15
  • Laura Hafner Krisiewicz ’98
  • Kristin Kaiser
  • Cindy King
  • Robin Smith Laird ’80
  • Amy Luck
  • Susan Nelson
  • Sue Larimer (Board of Education Representative)
Perrysburg Schools Foundation Board

L to R: Chris Bacon, Kristin Kaiser, Amy Luck, Sue Larimer, Laura Hafner Krisiewicz, Allex Brown, Kelly Rose Hirsh, Robin Laird Smith, Lisa Robinson Nunn, Jeff Abke.

Not pictured: Nate Ash, Krista Balwinski, Stacy Archambeau Geissler, Thomas L. Hosler, Cindy King, Mindy McCarthy, Susan Nelson.