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Current Perrysburg High Schools Students

Perrysburg Schools Foundation is proud to present graduating seniors with scholarships to support their higher education. To be considered for any of the scholarships listed below, students should complete the common application which is made available in February for that spring. The scholarship application will be shared on Schoology, or students may contact their school counselor for more information.

Available Scholarships:

The Burke & Sara Badenhop Scholarship

Burke is a 2001 Perrysburg graduate, who attended Bowling Green State University on a baseball scholarship and is currently a special assistant to the general major for the Arizona Diamondbacks. This scholarship was created to provide an annual, post-secondary educational scholarship to a graduating student-athlete of Perrysburg High School.

James “Jim” Bruning ’98 Memorial Scholarship

The James “Jim” Bruning ’98 Memorial Scholarship was established in 2023 by family and friends of Jim to honor his passion and commitment to the Perrysburg community, the golf team and to great relationships with friends. It is to recognize a graduate who was a member of the PHS golf team who demonstrates those qualities. A priority is given to a student attending Miami University or another Mid-American Conference school.

Jaryd Wellstead Gilts Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2010 in the memory of Jaryd Gilts. It is awarded annually to a graduate of Perrysburg High School that has at least one parent (or guardian) who is/has worked in law enforcement, with involvement in extracurricular and/or community activities and/or paid employment, with need for financial assistance. Priority is to be given to a student attending a post-secondary institution in the state of Ohio.

The George & Elizabeth Munger Outstanding Student Citizenship Award

George Munger was a teacher in the Perrysburg Schools from 1938-1978. This award has been presented annually since 1989 from a bequest to the Perrysburg Schools Foundation. Elizabeth Munger, sister of George, was also a teacher at Perrysburg Schools, passed away in 2003 and this recognition continues in her memory also. This honor is given to an outstanding student who exemplifies integrity, commitment, and service to the school and community.

Robert William Nooney II ’88 Memorial Scholarship

“Robert William Nooney was a Perrysburg High School graduate who died of cancer. His parents, James F. and Carole J. Nooney, established this scholarship with the help of donations from family and friends. It is given annually to a senior going to Ohio State University and who has participated in the band program.”

Perrysburg Schools Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship was established to recognize a Perrysburg High School graduate who plans to pursue a degree in education with consideration given to scholarship, leadership, character, and service to the school and community.

Perrysburg Schools Foundation Principal’s Choice Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a member of the graduating class with high academic and leadership qualities, and exemplifies The Jacket Way, and is selected by the High School Principal.

Ralph Protsik ’61 Vocal Scholarship

Established by Ralph Protsik ’61, in 2016, the Protsik Scholarship is awarded to a deserving graduate of Perrysburg Schools who plans to continue in vocal music during their collegiate career. Mr. Protsik is a proud alumnus of Perrysburg’s vocal music program, but also of the Whiffenpoofs of Yale. He values the importance and camaraderie of vocal music groups to a lifelong passion and appreciation of the arts. This scholarship is renewable for 4 years as long as you continue in your course of vocal music study.

Elizabeth "Betsy" Traber Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth “Betsy” Traber was a dedicated nurse, and it is her memory that this scholarship was established as a way to highlight the passion that she had for nursing and helping others. This scholarship shall be awarded to a deserving student, with a solid academic background, and who has shown a dedication to giving back to their community. The student must be planning a career in the field of nursing or other health and human service areas.

Dorothy J. & Robert C. Welch Scholarship

This scholarship was established by his family with the Perrysburg Schools Foundation in 2005 to honor Mr. Welch and to recognize his contributions to the field of journalism. It is given annually to a graduate who plans to pursue a career in journalism or a related area with consideration given to academics, leadership and service.

Charles L. Collins Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was established in 2005 by Rod Collins in memory of his father Charles Collins. This scholarship was established to recognize a Perrysburg High School graduate with consideration given to academic achievement and involvement in extracurricular/community activities.

Angela Conti-Smith “She Finished the Race” Scholarship

This scholarship was established in memory of Angela Conti Smith, who passed away in 2019. Angela was a mother, wife, friend, and community member in Perrysburg who had a love of running. This scholarship is awarded to a senior who is a member of the Cross Country teams. Consideration shall be given to a student who has shown grit and determination during their career as a Yellow Jacket, not necessarily a top performer on the team. Angela was just as proud of a student athlete who showed support and love to their teammates as she was the
first-place finisher.

Jon Llewellyn Memorial Scholarship

The Jon Llewellyn Memorial fund was established in 2022 by family and friends to honor Jon by recognizing and rewarding those in the Perrysburg wrestling community who embody the qualities and characteristics of Jon. While there are numerous things we can recognize about Jon three stand out above the rest: success achieved through hard work, prioritizing family above his wrestling, and giving back to the community.

Elizabeth M. Munger Scholarship

This scholarship was established through a bequest from the estate of Ms. Elizabeth Munger, a career teacher in the Perrysburg Schools, who passed away in 2003. Due to her interest in gardening and nature, it recognizes a student who plans to major in wildlife management, conservation, ecology, or a related area.

Tyler Custer Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2007 in memory of Tyler Custer who was a 2003 graduate of Perrysburg High School. He was a place kicker for the football team, a track hurdler, and was elected by his peers as the homecoming king. He attended The Ohio State University where he died in 2005. This scholarship is to be presented to a graduating senior who is furthering his/her education in a career in social services, counseling, psychology, law enforcement, the military,

Dr. Thomas E. Downs Memorial Scholarship

The Dr. Thomas E. Downs Memorial Scholarship shall be awarded to a deserving student who has demonstrated a commitment to the community and school and is pursuing their studies in the medical arts. This represents Dr. Downs’ passion for all aspects of the medical field, including dentistry, and his constant involvement in the Perrysburg community. This scholarship is renewable for 4 years, as long as the student continues in their course of study.

Herman F. & Marjory E. Mizer Memorial Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Mizer of Perrysburg suffered the sudden loss of their only child while she was in college. Wanting to leave a legacy in their daughter’s honor, the Mizers presented the Perrysburg Schools Foundation with a generous bequest, which funds the scholarship given annually to a Perrysburg High School senior.

ProMedica Scholarship

ProMedica, in their desire to treat the health and well-being of our community, established a scholarship to reward an outstanding student from Perrysburg who is pursuing a career in the health sciences.

Orville F. & Mary Jo Schaller Memorial Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Schaller settled in the Perrysburg area in 1950, becoming close friends with Melba and Wayne Leatherman, one of the original Trustees of the Foundation. The Schallers were very charitable in nature, giving generously to their church. Mr. Schaller died suddenly, and through his estate made a bequest to the Perrysburg Schools Foundation. Through that bequest, the Mary Jo and Orville F. Schaller Memorial Scholarship(s) is/are presented annually to a Perrysburg High School senior who exemplifies academic excellence, leadership and service.