Grant Information & Application

Perrysburg Schools Foundation Grants are available only to Perrysburg Schools employees. The Perrysburg Schools Foundation Board generally meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Grant applications received by the 1st of the month will be considered at that month’s board meeting. If you have any questions, contact us at

 Grant Program General Information
  • The Grant Program of the Perrysburg Schools Foundation is designed to bring innovative and exciting ideas, techniques, and resources into the classroom.
  • Perrysburg Schools staff members and student groups (under staff supervision) may apply.
  • All grant requests will be reviewed by the PSF Grants Committee.
  • All subject areas are eligible.
  • Applicants must specify project objectives and how the grant will be used.
  • Grants may compensate experts who come to work with students.
  • Grants will not be used to compensate staff members or cover the costs of substitutes.
Grant Selection Considerations
  • Does the project support the district’s mission of ensuring all students achieve their greatest potential?
  • Are the program funding requirements available from the traditional sources of funding earmarked for classroom instruction?
  • Are the concepts, content, and activities of the project unique and novel?
  • Is the requested project related to the broader educational goals of the district?
  • How many students are impacted by this project?
  • Are the learning outcomes (results) clearly defined and measurable?
Grant Procedure Checklist
  • Review Grant Program General Information and Selection Considerations above
  • Review proposal with building administrator prior to submitting grant application
  • Apply!
    • Grants up to $4,999 will be considered monthly, applicants may apply at any time. Click the button below to apply.
    • Grants $5,000 and above will be considered twice a year (refer to application windows listed on the form). Click the button below to apply.

PLEASE NOTE: To access the grant application forms, you must be logged in to your school Google account.

For grant requests of $5,000 or more, take note of the following:

In support of our mission, we encourage the four following areas for grant requests of $5,000 or more, but we welcome all grant requests for our consideration.

  • Student Well-Being: PSF supports an all-around approach to student health to help them achieve their academic goals. School counselors, teachers, and members of the administration are in a great position to identify resources that can help.
  • Faculty and Staff Support, Recruitment, and Retention: Recruiting and retaining our amazing teachers and staff is one way to help maintain our excellent school system. Supporting faculty and staff can come in many forms, from professional development training to new games or resources in the classroom.
  • STEM: PSF loves considering any creative request that allows our students to experience a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics project in real life (e.g., 3D printers or pens, exploring the prairie project, field trips).
  • Arts: We look for unique opportunities for students in fine and performing arts to develop their craft and offer them new experiences.

We are also impressed when multiple departments within the district work collaboratively. Interdisciplinary requests that demonstrate creative problem solving are encouraged and may be more likely to be fully supported.