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Our Mission

Perrysburg Schools Foundation – in cooperation with the school administrators, faculty, students and community – will be leaders in the promotion, support and recognition of academic achievement and innovative programs.

The History of Perrysburg Schools Foundation

Perrysburg Schools Foundation (PSF) is a nonprofit organization that was created in 1983 by Judge Wayne Leatherman. It was formed to solicit Contributions to supplement and enhance existing educational programs in the Perrysburg School District. The Foundation was created in response to a challenge from the National Commission on Excellence in Education in April 1983. The Commission’s recommendation was:

We recommend that citizens across the nation hold educators and elected officials responsible for providing the leadership necessary to achieve these reforms and that citizens provide the fiscal support and stability required to bring about the reforms we propose. (Recommendation E: Leadership and Fiscal Support)

PSF was built on the belief that the entire community benefits from excellent schools. The original Board of Directors was: C. Eric Zehner, Christine H. Martindale, Ann H. Dana, John Bailey, Larry W. Johnson, Janice Kerger, Wayne M. Leatherman, Douglas Neckers, and J. Donald Pheasant.

The classroom grants program was the first project instituted by the Foundation Board, and continues to be the heart of its work. Classroom grants are designed to enable teachers at all grade levels to bring innovative ideas, techniques and resources to the classroom that could not otherwise be funded. Since 1985, the Foundation has grown to where it is annually awarding hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants, impacting every student in the system, many of them several times by the time they graduate. PSF is also proud to annually recognize graduating seniors and outstanding educators and staff members.

Perrysburg Schools Foundation scholarships, classroom grants and other special projects are made possible through generous tax-deductible donations from individuals, grandparents, alumni, families and businesses with connections to Perrysburg.

Perrysburg Schools Foundation is a Charitable Non-Profit (501c3) Educational Organization
EIN: 34-1449403

Perrysburg Schools Foundation
140 East Indiana Avenue
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If you have questions, or would like to know more about the different ways to support our work, please contact:

Jeff Abke ’96
Director of Development and Alumni Relations
Perrysburg Schools & Perrysburg Schools Foundation
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