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Senior Citizen Activity Passes
Senior Stinger Passes - Here’s How They Work

Perrysburg Schools seeks to include school supporters of all ages in school activities. The district provides residents age 60 or older the opportunity to visit our Central Office at 140 E. Indiana Avenue to have their photo taken for a Senior Stinger Activity Pass. Please call or email Rachel Johnson at 419-874-9131 at extension 2156 to make an appointment.

What’s a Senior Stinger Pass?

With a Senior Stinger Pass you get free admittance to Perrysburg Jr. High and High School athletic events such as football and basketball games. You can also attend plays and musicals produced by the Perrysburg Jr. High and High School Drama Departments free of charge.

Some Tips on Using Your Senior Stinger Pass

Senior Stinger Passes are good for a lifetime. You only have to apply for one once, and then it’s valid forever. While admittance is free, there are times when you need to pick up your tickets in advance in order to reserve a seat. That means if you want to see a play that has reserved seating or could be sold out, you need to pick up your tickets when they go on sale. The tickets will still be free, but if you do not get your tickets in advance, you take the chance of all seats being filled. You must go in person to pick up your tickets. You cannot send your pass with someone else. Unfortunately, the passes are not valid at away games or at tournaments.