School Employees

Classroom grants were the first project instituted by the Foundation Board in 1985, and grants continue to be a large part of our work today!
Classroom grants were designed to enable teachers at all grade levels to bring innovative educational ideas, techniques and resources to the classroom that were not funded by tax dollars. Since 1985, the Foundation has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant
funding for educational programs in the district, impacting every student in the system and providing opportunities for educational enrichment both inside and out of the classroom.

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All Perrysburg Schools employees are eligible to apply for a classroom grant to support learning experiences for students. Please note, you must be signed into your school email to access the application.

Celebrating School Employees

Since 1986, Perrysburg Schools Foundation has been recognizing outstanding Perrysburg Schools employees for their dedication and commitment to the students of Perrysburg Schools.
Each year outstanding educator awards are presented to one educator at each school, and one support staff member district-wide. Additionally, the George C. Munger and Elizabeth M.
Munger Awards are presented each year to an outstanding educator and an outstanding student.

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