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The Perrysburg Schools Foundation provides annual scholarships and recognition awards to outstanding students, faculty and staff of the district.

More than $150,000 in scholarships have been presented since the group’s inception, and student, faculty and alumni awards have been presented annually to those members of the district best exemplify our commitment to scholarship, community service and improving the lives of others.

2022/2023 Scholarship Recipients

Burke ’01 and Sara Badenhop Scholarship
Matthew Watkins

James Bruning ’98 Memorial Scholarship
Cody Schneider

Charles L. Collins Scholarship
Elizabeth Nedley

Angela Conti-Smith “She Finished the Race” Scholarship
Zachary Madaras

Tyler Custer Memorial Scholarship
Jocelyn Bernard

Dr. Thomas E. Downs Memorial Scholarship
Alessandra David

Jaryd Wellstead Gilts Memorial Scholarship
Hannah Jordan

Jon Llewellyn Memorial Scholarship
Nicholas You

Jon Llewellyn Memorial Scholarship
Nichlas Hartzell

Marjory E. and Herman F. Mizer Memorial Scholarship
Nabeel Khatri

Marjory E. and Herman F. Mizer Memorial Scholarship
Boyang Zhang

Elizabeth M. Munger Scholarship
Kate Magoun

Robert William Nooney II Memorial Scholarship
Kara Lintner

ProMedica Health Scholarship
Aisha Sediqe

Ralph Protsik ’61 Vocal Scholarship
Caleb Gildner

Julia Romanowski ’17 Memorial Scholarship
Ashlyn Brown

Orville F. & Mary Jo Schaller Memorial Scholarship
Ella Sibberson

Orville F. & Mary Jo Schaller Memorial Scholarship
James Xiao

Orville F. & Mary Jo Schaller Memorial Scholarship
Anna Dawley 

Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Traber Memorial Scholarship
Lily Reimer

Robert C. and Dorothy J. Welch Scholarship
Sage Colon

Perrysburg Schools Foundation Scholarship
Matthew Rutherford

Perrysburg Schools Foundation Scholarship
Helen Duesing

Perrysburg Schools Foundation Principal’s Choice Scholarship
Noah Pannell

2022/2023 George C. Munger & Elizabeth M. Munger Awards

Outstanding Educator Award
Maribeth Connor, Toth Elementary

Outstanding Student Citizenship
Lydia Reiter

2022/2023 Outstanding Educator Awards (by school)

Perrysburg High School
Jackie Poll

Perrysburg Junior High School
Corinne Roach

Hull Prairie Intermediate
Lisa Caswell

Toth Elementary School
Jennifer Hooper

Fort Meigs Elementary School
Chelsea Brighton

Woodland Elementary School
Laura Morrow

Frank Elementary School
Megan Collins

Perrysburg Preschool
Cathie France

Outstanding District Support Staff Award
Maria Hersch, Cafeteria Manager, Perrysburg High School

In recent years the Senior English classes at Perrysburg High School have moved to a student-choice/student-taught curriculum or a Reading/Writing Workshop. The approach is that students are encouraged to choose which books they would LIKE to read throughout the year. The students are then required to write about what they are reading and share that with their classmates. The faculty is finding that students are reading more, and comprehending much more, about their chosen books. They are also encouraging each other to read different types of books than they were before. One classroom, which included the shelving and books, was funded through the district and a second classroom was funded through a grant provided by the Class of 1967, in honor of their 50th reunion. The program has been such a success that PSF is in the process of converting a third classroom for this style of teaching English. Here is a video of Ms. Deb Drew talking about what she has seen by teaching in this style.