Grants in Action | 2018/2019 School Year

This past fall, Charles Brigode, Physical Science and Honors Chemistry Teacher at Perrysburg High School, was awarded a Perrysburg Schools Foundation Grant to pay for a license to create online modules for all Honors Chemistry classes using Articulate 360 and Articulate Storyline software. The eLearningmodules are now part of the required coursework for the Honors Chemistry classes.

The modules take approximately 3-5 hours total for students to complete and are intended to prepare students for further chemistry courses. They cover the historical models of the atom, the arrangements of electrons around the nucleus and conclude with molecular geometry.

“The goal is for all students to walk away from Perrysburg High School with a deep understanding as well as a broad understanding of chemistry,” explained Mr. Brigode.

While the modules do utilize videos, they are also very interactive. The students will be challenged to form conclusions from experimental evidence, manipulate variables to observe the results and complete interactive questions. The lessons follow a model-based learning philosophy to mirror the instruction that they receive in class.

The modules follow principles of model-based learning in which the students construct the knowledge as much as possible. On this slide, the students must select the appropriate conclusions based on experimental results.

This slide shows an interactive feature in which the students may click and drag the blue electron to change the distance between the two charges. The amount of force between them charges as a result.

The Articulate Software allows for interactive assessments as well. Students match the compound to the correct image in this case.