In 2019, Perrysburg Schools, in partnership with Perrysburg Schools Foundation kicked off an exciting, multi-year campaign to support the arts at all grade levels, and in all areas. The goal was to support visual and performing arts through

  • Student Discovery (such as field trips, instruments for new musicians, elementary art class supplies, elementary music curriculum, preschool art programs)
  • Student Experience (such as costumes, uniforms, instrument replacement or repair, competition travel, art room supplies, private lesson scholarships)
  • Program Growth (such as digital production and art, movement art, art business management, technology)
  • Program Sustainability (such as facility and equipment upgrades, director stipends, student scholarships, artist-in-residence programs)

Thanks to the support of our generous donors – alumni, businesses, community members, families and school employees – this campaign is now supporting the fine arts, drama, orchestra, band and vocal music facilities and programs.

The Perrysburg Schools Arts Council (PSAC) was established during the 2021/2022 school year to ensure the arts are being supported in ways that are most meaningful and necessary. The Council has 10 members. It includes (1) district-wide employee (chair), (1) building principal, (1) district administrator, and (7) fine and performing art teachers that represent different grade levels, and all areas of the arts (instrumental, visual and vocal).

PSAC is charged with reviewing funding proposals submitted by arts teachers across the district. Their goal is to support, develop, present, and provide access to high-quality arts programming within Perrysburg Schools and the greater community. They meet twice annually in the spring and fall to make grant requests to the Perrysburg Schools Foundation to fund large projects and opportunities that are not available through traditional school funding.

Since PSAC was established, nearly 95 proposals have been submitted, with over $319,367.90 spent to fund 88 proposals.