Grants in Action | 2022/2023 School Year

Thanks to a $5,000 grant from Perrysburg Schools Foundation, Hull Prairie Intermediate School band students received supplemental instruction from clinicians this past school year. Clinicians are professional musicians or retired band directors in the area who come into the classroom to teach students in a small group setting. They are used to help supplement and reinforce the daily teaching they get in the regular classroom.

“With the growing number of band students, the more small group help students can receive is
essential to their learning,” shared Kraig Bentley, Band Director, Hull Prairie Intermediate School and Perrysburg Junior High School. “Our needs for supplemental instruction are growing at a rate that our Boosters cannot completely subsidize.”

The Perrysburg Schools Arts Council is charged with suggesting areas of funding from the Perrysburg Schools Foundation and its Campaign for the Arts that supports the visual and performing arts through student discovery, student experience, program growth and program sustainability.

“This has a huge impact in my classroom,” shared Mr. Bentley. “Without the clinicians, the bands would not be nearly as developed as we are currently. I feel that the retention of students year-to-year, the ability of our groups and basic development wouldn’t be what it is today.”