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Perrysburg Schools Foundation also supports district wide programs and initiatives in an attempt to create a more positive educations environment for our students. Our goal is to help support campaigns and programs that can benefit every student who attends school in the district, and we are always on the look-out for new opportunities to give back to the students, teachers, parents and administrators of Perrysburg Schools.

H.I.P.P. – High Impact Peer Program

H.I.P.P. is a proven program that has been in place for decades in the Jr. High that focuses on anti-bullying, developing leadership and self-confidence within the school.

Each semester, 24 students are chosen by faculty and advisors at the Jr. High based on the skills that they already possess, but also on the potential they have shown. These students participate in an intense overnight camp experience where they are pushed outside of their comfort zone through ropes courses, team challenges and deep self-reflection. The result is that these young people learn to be leaders and advocates for each other and their community. The 48 students that have this life-changing experience each year are challenged to bring those lessons back to their peers and share what they have learned through programs, presentations and one-to-one conversations.

The initial funding for this program has been depleted and the Perrysburg Schools Foundation is committed to supporting the continuation of this important, homegrown initiative that invests in the short-term and long-term well-being of these young adults.

If you would like to mail a gift for this initiative, please make the check out to Perrysburg Schools Foundation with HIPP in the memo and mail to:

Perrysburg Schools Foundation – 140 E. Indiana Ave – Perrysburg OH 43551

For information on H.I.P.P. or other programs within the Perrysburg Schools Foundation please contact Jeff Abke ’96 at 419-874-9193 Ext. 2274 or