The Full Experience Fund (FEF) was established in 2019 by Perrysburg Schools Foundation with the goal of ensuring all students have a full experience. Thanks to generous donations from the community and school district employees, PSF has supported students over 156 times since the fund’s creation, using nearly $14,000 to provide assistance for students whose families are facing financial hardship.

During the 2021-2022 school year, the Perrysburg Schools Social Work Department supported 143 families. Chris Harper, Assistant Director of Student Services & Well-Being, has seen first-hand the impact of FEF, and shared: “FEF provides an incredible opportunity to level the playing field so ALL students have access to opportunities across the district, like providing specific school supplies, paying athletic and extracurricular fees, purchasing yearbooks, and providing students with money to use at book fairs – all of the extras that help make the Perrysburg experience. We love the incredible impact that it has had and will continue to have. This truly opens up opportunities that some would never have.”

A parent impacted by the support of FEF shared: “My husband and I are proud Perrysburg Parents. We have five children; four of which are enrolled at Perrysburg Schools. While we make do with our large family and modest income, there are some things we just need help with. Some of those things are yearbooks and dress shoes, which are required for being in choir. The most amazing assistance our family received help with was making sure three of our children could go to the week-long Show Choir Camp this past summer. Our three children had a PHENOMENAL time! They met new people, they saw old friends, but best of all, they did it together. This just goes to show the emphasis Perrysburg puts into building their community. By building a strong community, it ensures strong family bonds. In Perrysburg, everyone is family.”

To receive assistance through the Full Experience Fund, a student is nominated by their school counselor or another staff member in their school who is aware of the need.