Grants in Action | 2022/2023 School Year

Teachers in the Perrysburg High School Art Department were able to see projects and experiences that would enhance the experience of students in their classrooms they had envisioned become a reality, thanks to $15,713.60 in grant funds awarded through Perrysburg Schools Foundation. The PHS Art Department has seen the acquisition of new ceramics materials, art show presentation materials, display easels and a printmaking press for the department.

“It is incredible the impact these projects have made on our classroom environments in such a short time. Students, employees and families have taken notice of the new opportunities and equipment acquired from the generous donation of Mary Cranker and the Perrysburg Schools Foundation,” shared PHS Art Teacher Candra Boggs. “We are all greatly appreciative!”

Something as simple as an easel greatly improves our students’ experiences by giving them the opportunity to paint projects upright, explained Ms. Boggs. Painting on a table does not allow you to fully see the perspective at which you are painting, skewing the image beingcreated. Easels allow students to view the work from far away as well. This addition to the classroom is expected to increase students’ technical painting skills and provide opportunities to perform better.

Printmaking is an artistic process that requires mathematics, fine motor skills, organizational skills and higher levels of thinking and project planning to complete. Students can now use the printmaking press to make wood carvings, linoleum carvings, mono prints etching, calligraphs, lithographs and more. Because of this investment, students can now learn to master their process through editions, teaching them control as an artist while exploring the process of highly technical printmaking skills. The press is now being used for introductory to advanced classroom settings.

“The PHS ceramics students and I are so grateful for the additional wheels, kiln furniture and studio equipment that was funded by the PSF,” shared PHS Art Teacher Meghan Yarnell. “The additional wheels ensure that each student will have at least one class period a week to throw and trim, and the kiln furniture enables us to fire both kilns at the same time! We are so grateful to the Foundation for valuing and funding our program!”

These projects were funded by a combination of support from Edwin H. Simmons Scholarships and ProMedica. The Perrysburg Schools Foundation awarded the grants as identified by the Perrysburg Schools Arts Council. The Perrysburg Schools Arts Council is charged with suggesting areas of funding from the Perrysburg Schools Foundation and its Campaign for the Arts that supports the visual and performing arts through student discovery, student experience, program growth and program sustainability.