Perrysburg Schools Foundation is proud to support the Ruling Our Experiences (RoX) program, which is open to female students grades 4-12.

The mission of RoX is to “create generations of confident girls who control their own relationships, experiences, decisions and futures.” It is a research-based program that is designed to influence female students to assert control over their choices within peer relationships, future aspirations (while knowing no limits) and confidence in themselves to develop as people of influence within their school community and as they grow into young adults.

RoX is tailored to meet the unique social-emotional needs of girls coming of age during the present day, covering topics of body image, academics, confidence, dating relationships, friendships, leadership, social media, self defense and managing stress. The program is led by school district employees who are trained RoX facilitators, and family involvement is encouraged.

Donations cover the cost of enrollment fees for each student that participates, allowing students to participate at no additional cost.