During the 2021-2022 school year, PSF awarded thousands of dollars in classroom grants, which impacted almost every grade level in the school district and covered several subject areas.

Classroom grants are made possible because of generous donations from the community, school district staff members and families of students. Jeff and Kathy Johnson of Pocahontas, Iowa, whose grandchildren attend Perrysburg Schools, are co-chairs of PSF’s Grandparents Giving Initiative, and regularly support the Foundation’s grants program.

When asked why supporting classroom grants is important to them, Jeff and Kathy shared: “Our kids today face many challenges inside and outside of school. We hope our support will provide the kids in Perrysburg Schools a better experience, and give teachers an ‘outside the box’ way to keep students engaged in learning. Classroom grants provide an opportunity for teachers to access new sources or materials, which allow them to improve the way in which they can teach and keep the kids’ attention.”

Teachers may apply for a PSF classroom grant at any time during the school year.